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The best things to do in Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena ATV Tour - $124

An ATV adventure in Cartagena is the perfect activity for your Colombian vacation. The Cartagena ATV tour takes you through a unique town where you can see how the locals live and relax on their beach. The ATV tour stops at some amazing cliffs and rock formations so you can take the best pictures of your trip. Then on to our private beach ride where you reach top speeds on the ATV. Finally stop at our beachside tiki hut to enjoy a coco frio, fresh patacones and a swim in the ocean. The most popular ATV tour in Cartagena is just 15 minutes north of Centro and we provide airconditioned transportation free of charge. More Info 

Zombie Defense Force - $59

Calling all recruits to join the Zombie Defense Force tasked with protecting Cartagena from the imminent Zombie invasion.  Once enlisted, your instructor will show you how to handle your weapon and take you through a series of competitive drills to develop your shooting skills. Get your energy up with a delicious dinner and drink included with your experience. When the call comes in, report to your battle stations and get ready to blast our real-life zombies. Run from station to station shooting and destroying the undead. They’re quick so shoot straight and steady! (Participants don’t get shot). Transportation included. More Info 

ATV / Zombie Combo - $168

Book a combo package and SAVE. Get the best of both activities offered at Cartagena ATV. Our top rated ATV tour and the Zombie Defense Force with dinner included! We can schedule your activities same day or spread it out across different days. The choice is yours. Transportation is included from the walled city. Let us know if you are interested in bundling more activities like the Rosario Islands tour to create a complete vacation package.

Rosario Islands - $550

Embark on a private boat trip to the Rosario Islands. You can choose your destinations including beach clubs, lagoons and Cholon. Weather you want relaxing or you’re ready to party we’ll take you to your paradise. The Rosario Islands has the most beautiful water in the area and is one of the most  popular tours in Cartagena. The private boat includes a captain, first mate and a cooler with ice. Bring  your drinks and food or have lunch on the islands.  The charter is from 8:30am to 4pm or anything in between. The boat holds up to 12 people.

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