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Things to do in Cartagena

Things to do in Cartagena

Travelers always want to know what are the best things to do in Cartagena. We’ve got some ideas for you.

  1. First an ATV tour in Cartagena provides adventure and fun. Get away from the walled city and the high rises of Bocagrande to see some of the most beautiful sites in Cartagena. Huge cliffs, rock formations and gorgeous forest trails will be the highlight of your instagram reel. Cartagena ATV offers the best ATV tour in Cartagena. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our perfect 5 star reviews on Google and TripAdvisor.  Book online or call us at: 1-800-707-4163.
  2. A Trip to the Rosario Islands is the next best thing to do in Cartagena. There are many options for travelers who want to spend the day soaking up  the sun and partying. There are a few beach clubs that offer relaxing atmosphere and possibly a party scene depending on the crowd that shows up that day. If  you want to relax we recommend Bora Bora beach club. They have shared transportation from the city. If you’re looking for a party then I recommend a private boat. With the flexibility of a private boat you can go searching for the party. If you don’t find it head on to the next place. You’ll probably find it in Cholon. 
  3. Cartagena is a city with an exciting past. I recommend a city tour either walking or riding. There are many companies that offer these tours. You can even hire a driver for a private tour. Check out all the interesting history of the city including information on the Spanish inquisition, pirate invasions and the history of the wall construction.
  4. The San Felipe Fortress is a really cool site to see. Entry is inexpensive and  worth an hour of your time. Views of the harbor and city skyline are impressive. This trip will give you information on the vast history of the fort and the city. Walk through centuries old rooms and see where the battles were fought from behind the cannons. If  you are staying in Centro its just a short walk to  the fort. 
  5. If you want a local beach day there are plenty to  choose from. I think  the most beautiful within an hour drive is Playa Blanca. The white sandy beaches and the clear water are worth the drive. There are many companies offering day trips there. The vendors can be a bit aggressive and therefore it may not be your idea of relaxation but the views are great. A little closer are the beaches of Bocagrande. The water is not as clear but the sand is nice and it’s really close. If you’re staying in Bocagrande it’s across the street and only 7 minutes from Centro by car.  
  6. A day trip to Palenque is a popular excursion. Visit the first free town in Colombia. Experience culture as you watch and participate in traditional  dancing and song. Unique crafts can be found there and it’s also a nice place for a traditional lunch. Both  private and shared day tours are available from  a lot of companies.
  7. The mud volcano offers a unique opportunity to dive into the center of a volcano. Float in the mud and completely cover your body with the soothing mud. Be prepared for a little bit of a drive but most people do enjoy this experience. Shared and private tours are available. 
  8. Finally if you are staying in a house in the city I recommend scheduling a private chef to prepare a feast for your group. Relaxing in a colonial house with not a care in the world is a great way to spend a day in Cartagena. 

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